XCAVO: Digital Explorations

We are in the midst of a global transition in which digital “screens” are no longer simply entertainment devices and distractions; rather, young people are currently living in a hybrid reality that links digital spaces to offline contexts. There is a heated debate being played out within academia and society at large about the impact of “screen time” on young people’s mental health and wellbeing. This discourse is amplified across public media outlets, with headlines that scream for bans or restrictions on screen time, lest it cause the current generation of youth to become increasingly violent, addicted, depressed, anxious, and even suicidal. It is clear that the current generation of young people is growing up in a digital ecosystem unprecedented in its ubiquity and complexity. 

In this GEMH Lab project, I have been exploring young people’s own experiences and reflections on social media use. Using these insights, XCAVO will become a tool that will stimulate interactive reflection with other youth, enabling them to share their experiences in an authentic and playful way. Through this process of collaborative audio-journalling, XCAVO will facilitate a return of the sense of agency  and self-compassion around social media use, stimulate young people’s sense of identity, and promote overall wellbeing.

We’re looking for you!

For XCAVO, I am looking for youth advisors: young people who are willing to spend a couple of hours a week helping us build XCAVO into something truly useful and valuable.

Are you between 18 and 30 years old, located somewhere in Europe, and would you like to be involved in the design of XCAVO? Get in touch with me here!

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