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Doing scientific work is so much more rewarding and fun when you get to share insights and experiences with a broader public! At the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab, so much of our work revolves around videogames and other digital tech fór wellbeing. Inviting the lay public to (re)discover the immense potential of play for our mental health is an absolute joy. The past years, I have had the pleasure to contribute and even organise events at which we as a research lab get to share our message with our stakeholder: parents, teens and kids, policy makers, and many more. A prime example of this is the GEMH Game Gallery, which I co-organised with my friend and colleague Joanneke Weerdmeester.

2 JULY 2022
GEMH Game Gallery

The GEMH Game Gallery (or G3 for short) was a one-day festival event about games and wellbeing. Visitors were able to come and experience the bright side of games for themselves! We presented projects that came out of the Games for Emotional and Mental Health (GEMH) Lab, but also other initiatives developed throughout the Netherlands and even beyond. All of the projects we presented have a positive link to our wellbeing in one way or another!

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