Social Meditation and Wellbeing

Through our Templeton World Charity Foundation-funded Bloombox project, I’ve had the pleasure of coming into contact with so many lovely folks. Vince and Emily Horn—two of the brains behind Buddhist Geeks—are no exception, and since getting to know them in October 2022 I’ve been so excited about their work that we have started up a collaboration on a new project of theirs: Interbeing.

One of the core elements of the Interbeing project is so-called ‘social meditation’. I always used to think of meditation as a solo-thing (and with me probably many others), but the Buddhist Geeks are now building an online social meditation tool based on the Buddhist noting practice. With this Interbeing app, people from all over the globe can get together and practice mindfulness and togetherness.

As part of the R&D process for Interbeing, I am researching whether young people engaging with Interbeing’s social meditation end up experiencing increases in social connectedness, empathy, compassion for others, and generally higher levels of wellbeing.

Left: as a rare exception to illustrations on this site being all my own, what you see here is the AI-generated visual based on one of my Interbeing session’s notes. Awesome, right?

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