The Sound of Social Media

In this art collaboration project with music collective LONELINOISE, titled ‘Niet Kijken’ (‘Don’t Look’), we explore what young people’s social media experiences might sound and look like. LONELINOISE’s greater aim is to make contemporary music more accessible and allow for it to resonate with broader audiences by communicating societal issues that everybody can relate to through wondrous music. For this project, LONELINOISE brings together exciting young composers and their view on how social media have impacted their lives. Brand-new contemporary music is presented in combination with video and reels, leading to a refreshing and thought-provoking musical journey. 

Within this project, we make it a point to make sure that young people’s perspective is included. We aim to gather qualitative and even musical data from early teens in The Netherlands to complement and be incorporated in the composers’ works, to truly bring forth their ’sound of social media’. 

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