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Last month, we launched an awesome new initiative at the GEMH Lab, which I’m proud to be involved in. As a lab focused on games and digital tech for wellbeing, we get to talk to a bunch of interesting, open-minded people on a regular basis. We decided it’d be great to share the fascinating talks we get from those people with a wider audience, and so the GEMH Sessions were born!

Our very first GEMH Session, featuring Monobanda‘s co-founder Niki Smit, took place on February 19th, and was an awesome experience! Hosting a live event is always scary, but my frolleague Joanneke Weerdmeester did an awesome job! The GEMH Sessions were conceived with the intention to bring together (and provide a spotlight for) people working on creating digital tools for good, at the intersection of design, art, science, entrepreneurship, and clinical practice.

Niki was a great first guest, as he told us about the inspiring play-oriented projects he has been working on, and showed us an exciting new project that can enable you to dance with yourself! Curious? Make sure to check out the GEMH Session if you want to hear more about Niki’s wonderful projects.

We’re looking forward to hosting many more GEMH Sessions with equally inspiring guests. The next GEMH Session will take place in May, so stay tuned for more details!

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